Australian pop babe Kylie Minogue is thrilled her concerts attract such a diverse crowd - from drag queens to middle-aged fans.

The sexy SLOW singer, 35, has watched her supporters evolve from young children to every walk of life since her career began in the late 1980s.

She says, "In the beginning, 15 years ago, it was a sea of five-year-olds. I felt like I had to do cartwheels and keep jumping about the stage. Then it was five to 10-year-olds with their parents.

"Now it's a dream if you want to test a product, because the demographics are all across the board.

"I remember one show in Australia, there was a couple in their early twenties smooching in the front row - loved them - there was a row of Muscle Marys, two of three drag queens further along and a girl my age with her mother."

20/02/2004 02:47