Pop princess Kylie Minogue has made a shocking turnaround - by slamming the sexy music videos that made her famous.

The Australian beauty made a chart comeback with 2000's smash hit SPINNING AROUND. The promo for the song saw her wearing a tiny pair of gold hot pants, which helped shoot the song to the top of the charts - and made Kylie's sexy rear her most famous feature.

But now the singer, who covered up her bottom in the video for new song SLOW, admits she's no fan of explicit shoots.

She says, "When I see some hip-hop videos I'm just as appalled as my grandmother. I think to myself, 'My god, what sort of disgusting things are they doing?'

"My erotic ideal is more like Brigitte Bardot."

And Kylie has an ulterior motive for wanting to cover up - she's saving her charms for actor boyfriend Olivier Martinez.

She adds, "I want to move away from the flesh thing as that's everywhere now - and for my boyfriend too."

11/11/2003 02:14