Kylie Minogue has revealed her fury at a raunchy waxwork that was replaced by Madame Tussauds earlier this year.

The Australian pop princess said the likeness, which showed her on her hands and knees, left her "mortified".

"I did not approve that, I absolutely did not," Kylie said.

"I'd done a photo session like that - on all fours with my bottom in the air - and they'd asked if they could do one like that pose, and I was thinking in my mind it was like the picture - taken from the front."

Recalling her reaction of seeing pictures of the waxwork she continued: "I arrived back from somewhere, I was in the car with the papers and I felt so humiliated."

The waxwork was replaced earlier this year with a more modest offering but the 39-year-old admits she is "still offended by it".

"I really didn't think it was funny. And there was nothing we could do about it."

The most recent waxwork made of Kylie was her fourth, making the singer the second after the Queen to have four statues made of her at Madame Tussauds.

Her complaints come as a bronze statue of her was unveiled in Melbourne's Docklands.

Dressed in stockings and red high heels, the statue is part of an Australian icons initiative.

24/11/2007 17:23:15