Kylie Minogue says her relationship with Andres Velencoso is the most fulfilling she's ever had.

The 'All The Lovers' singer has been dating the Spanish model for three years and admits she is completely smitten with him and everything feels "right".

When asked if Andres her most fulfilling relationship, Kylie - who has previously dated Michael Hutchence, Olivier Martinez and model James Gooding - said: "It is, strangely.

"I'm not naming names but in the past I have been attracted to complex characters. You want to have some complexity, otherwise it would be boring. But finding the balance is important and years ago before I was ill I didn't find that balance. That's the lesson I've learned. There's more balance than there used to be.

"This just feels right. He's one of these people you could just drop anywhere and he'd be fine, which sometimes I curse him for."

Kylie, 43, also revealed she would like to have children but knows it may never happen because the treatment she received for her breast cancer in 2003 has affected her fertility.

She added in an interview with the Daily Mail newspaper: "I can only keep saying the same thing, which is, we'll see. Perhaps it will happen.

"I've looked into various options, but I don't know if I'm going to go down any of those roads yet."