Kylie Minogue got engaged because ''that's what people do''.

The 49-year-old singer split from her fiance Joshua Sasse last year, just six months after they got engaged after six months of dating, and she admitted she got ''swept up in the moment'' and has ''never thought'' she would get married anyway.

She said: ''Was I really going to get married? I had the ring on the finger, didn't I? But we hadn't actually planned a wedding. It was a beautiful moment and I loved it, but then, you know, as time goes on... What happened? It's complicated. To try to put it in a nutshell would not only be too difficult but unfair...

''Actually, I never thought I was the marrying kind.

''In my song 'A Lifetime to Repair' I say, 'I thought I'd settle down, a happy-ever-after princess...' I know for a lot of people that's where they want to end up but, for me, it never was.

''I guess I thought, 'That's what people do, maybe I'll give it a try.'

''But either it isn't for me or I was with the wrong person. I was swept up in the moment and I'm not afraid to admit that.''

The 'Wow' singer admitted it was a ''relief'' when her relationship with Joshua, who is 20 years her junior, came to an end because they had been having problems for some time.

She told You magazine: ''Making the decision to end the relationship was the hardest part.

''After the break-up people were saying, 'I hope you're OK', and I thought, you know I am OK. I've coped with the help of laughter, friends, music and family.

''Once it was done it was a relief to both of us because it's hard. You hang on to what is good and it's hard to let go and you feel strangely embarrassed, thinking, 'Oh, are we supposed to try to make this work?' ''

Kylie hopes to find love again in the future because she's terrified of being lonely.

She said: ''I'm not giving up on relationships, though, and I'll probably be foolish again. Otherwise I might as well stay at home and get lots of cats.

''No offence to multiple-cat-loving people who stay home, but my greatest fear is loneliness, even though sometimes I crave to be alone. I just want some quiet.

''Some days I want to date, other days I think I just don't want a boyfriend right now. I'm not looking for a cat either.''