Kylie Minogue wanted to be a fashion designer before she got famous.

The 'Wow' hitmaker learned how to make clothes at a young age and was considering making a career out of it before deciding to pursue work in the showbiz industry instead.

She told ''My Grandma taught me how to sew when I was young and I learnt to pattern cut and all of that. There was a time I would have loved to be a fashion designer but performing won in the end.''

Despite her glamorous appearance, Kylie insists she would never look so polished if she didn't have such a great styling team around her.

Asked her secret to looking good, she said: ''Teamwork! From the very beginning, working in television, I was part of a team. Everyone has their job to do and the show doesn't happen without every part of the machine working in harmony. I guess I carried this through with me and to this day I appreciate all the work my team do to help me shine.''