Pop star Kylie Minogue turned down an original offer to sit on the panel of Britain's The Voice after suffering sleepless nights.

The Spinning Around superstar felt pressured to take the top Tv job when the U.K. version of the show first aired on the Bbc in 2012, and she admits she was wracked with worry as she tried to make a decision.

She tells Britain's The Sun, "I lost sleep back then. I really felt a lot of pressure and I didn't know what the right decision was. My record company were really keen but I didn't buckle.

"I feel like it was the right decision now because this feels great, it feels like it's the right time."

The opportunity came around again after Jessie J gave up her seat on the series, and Minogue was finally persuaded to make her talent show debut after fellow mentor will.i.am crashed a meeting with Tv executives.

She adds, "I was considering it and I didn't know what the answer was. Then I had a meeting in L.A. and will.i.am bombed the meeting. I just had one question to Will - how was the experience? He said he loved it so I thought, 'Ok, that's cool'."

Minogue will sit alongside will.i.am, Welsh crooner Tom Jones and the Kaiser Chiefs' Ricky Wilson when the show's third run begins on 11 January (14).