Kylie Minogue claims it's a coincidence her new album references sex so much.

The 'Wow' singer's latest musical offering 'Kiss Me Once' might boast three kinkily titled tracks - 'Sexy Love', 'Sexercise' and 'Les Sex' - but she insists she has other hobbies and the naming was pure chance.

Teased that her new album made her seem sex-obsessed, she insisted on French TV show 'Le Grand Journal' on Canal Plus: ''No, I also like sunsets, I like music, I like talking... but I also happen to have three titles with the word sex in them. It actually is a coincidence!''

A red-faced Kylie also apologised to the crowd and hung her head when she mentioned the incorrect grammar of one of the new songs' title.

She added: ''I have to apologise to all French speaking people because the song ['Les Sex'] is incorrect, it's very bad French.''

Last year, the 45-year-old star surprised the world by becoming Jay-Z's new musical protégée after singing to his label Roc Nation - which boasts artists like Rita Ora and Rihanna on its books - and she feels the move was a positive decision.

Kylie said: ''I celebrated my 25 years in the music industry in 2012 and at the end of that year I had an epiphany that I needed some change and obviously I'm going to keep singing, but there was a new energy, a new dynamic, so I changed teams and it's been very interesting.''

Although her raunchy new 'Sexercise' music video has caused controversy, with fans likening it to ''soft porn'', Kylie feels it's important to keep up with the times and continue reinventing herself.

She laughed: ''My hair has definitely changed [since the start of my career]! I guess pop music is a reflection of what's happening at the time. I hope I've moved with the times but I've always kept a sense of who I am. There's a line and I try to stay close to it.''