Kylie Minogue dreamed of being in ABBA as a child.

The 49-year-old pop star always had the ambition of becoming a singer and even though she inititally found fame as an actress in the Australian soap 'Neighbours', Kylie was eventually signed by a record label.

She shared: ''I always dreamt of being a singer as a kid - either Olivia Newton John or the blonde one from ABBA, but I got into acting. It was while I was working on 'Neighbours' that some of the cast and crew formed a band for a charity event and we started performing, I was approached and signed to Mushroom Records.

''Recently I asked the head of the record company, a very dear friend, if he had signed me as a joke originally and he assures me I wasn't but I am not so sure!''

Kylie's new album, 'Golden', has a strong country influence, and she's admitted that writing new material in Nashville helped her to overcome splitting from Joshua Sasse in 2017.

Reflecting on her new album, she told 'The Graham Norton Show': ''I was going through a break up and wrote a lot of rubbish for six months. I got that out of my system and went to Nashville where everything all made sense. I felt great and was back on my own path again.''

And Kylie has been thrilled by the critical reaction to her latest release.

She confessed: ''I am pretty chuffed. I'm just glad it's worked and I'm really happy with the result.''

Meanwhile, Kylie recently claimed she isn't in a ''rush'' to find love.

The 'I Should Be So Lucky' hitmaker knows love is ''worth'' the effort, but she admitted it can be a ''minefield''.

She said: ''I'm not in a rush. I just think it's hard full stop to meet someone where you both have the same feelings for each other.

''It's a minefield. But it's definitely worth it. Right now, I'm just fine. Let's say.''