Kylie Minogue's recording studio sessions helped to ''heal'' her following her split from former fiancé Joshua Sasse.

The 50-year-old singer released her 14th studio album 'Golden' in April this year after heading into the studio following her break-up in February 2017, and has said that she never intended to co-write ''every track'' on the record until she realised how therapeutic it was.

She said: ''[The studio] was a very healing place for me to be. I didn't intend to be co-writing every track. I actually recorded a number of songs that came in from [outside writers]. But then then when we got to the really pointy end of the album and had to make decisions [about which songs were going to stay on the album] ... And at that point I realised, 'Oh, I've co-written on all these songs.'

''And I think ... it looked neat. And it looked appropriate for what I set out to do. Although it wasn't something that I thought I had to do. If a song came in [from outside writers] that said what I was feeling and I could express that and make it a part of the album, I would have done that as well.''

The 'Dancing' hitmaker can't believe how well the album has been received, and says she is ''really moved by people's reactions'' to the personal lyrics.

Speaking to Billboard's Pop Shop Podcast, Kylie added: ''It does feel different too, to other albums. I mean, success is success, that's great. And I'm thrilled to have the dance chart No. 1, to have the 'Golden' album No. 1 in the U.K. and Australia, but it's people's response to the lyrics and the songs and they're aware that this has come from a much more personal place for me. So I've just been really really moved by people's reactions.''