Kylie Minogue has never ''tried'' to date Chris Martin.

The 'Can't Get You Out of My Head' hitmaker was spotted out and about late at night in London with the Coldplay frontman back in 2015, sparking rumours of a relationship, but now she has finally opened up about what happened - revealing the true reason for their late night rendezvous.

During an appearance on KIIS FM's Kyle And Jackie 'O' show, Kylie was asked if she really did ''secretly date'' Chris.

However, she denied there was anything romantic going on between them, adding: ''I was not trying to date Chris Martin! Because I just performed at Hyde Park, which he came to see, and we went for a walk, as you do.''

Meanwhile, Kylie previously confessed that her new album 'Golden' helped her through her heartache after her split from her fiancé Joshua Sasse.

She explained: ''Making this album was a kind of saviour. The end of 2016 was not a good time for me. So when I started working on the album in 2017 it was, in many ways, a great escape. I was quite fragile when I started work on it but being able to express myself in the studio made quick work of regaining my sense of self - writing about various aspects of my life, the highs and lows, with a real sense of knowing and of truth. And irony. And joy. If there's one love that will always be there for you, it's music. Well, it is for me, anyway ...

''It was cathartic. It was good. In the studio it's a slightly weird concept to be spending seven, eight, nine hours in a room with people sometimes you don't know. If you're working with good people it's the perfect place to deal with stuff. There's a little bit of heartbreak, I would say. Mostly I try to reflect where I am. Definitely, in the last year, there's been some of that but we bounce back. Most of it is super positive and inspiring, as a note to self as much as anything else. I'm feeling great right now.''