Kylie Minogue says her new band is very ''sexy'' because she now has three male guitarists on stage with her.

The 50-year-old singer released her 14th studio album 'Golden' in April and it has a strong country vibe with her recording many of the songs in Nashville, Tennessee.

To recreate the sound on stage for her 'Golden Tour', which kicks off in September, Kylie has had to add more guitars to her group and she loves the hot new dynamic between her and her male bandmates.

Speaking to Magic Radio, she said: ''I love doing choreography and all of that but the band vibes are strong at the moment. It's the first time I've had three guitarists, because of the country influence we needed an extra one. Oh my god, it's so sexy just having these three guys.''

The 'Dancing' hitmaker says the energy on stage between her and the band is like organised chaos, but it's working in rehearsals.

She explained: ''You know ... I sometimes think, we're just a bunch of people making noise. Someone's hitting, someone's plucking or strumming or singing or whatever. You just happen to do something that all works together and it sounds great. You can't help but get off on that energy.''

Kylie - who returned to the studio to record the album following her split from fiancé Joshua Sasse in February 2017 - has been thrilled by how well her latest LP has been received and she has been ''really moved by people's reactions'' to the personal lyrics.

She added: ''It does feel different too, to other albums. I mean, success is success, that's great. But it's people's response to the lyrics and the songs and they're aware that this has come from a much more personal place for me. So I've just been really, really moved by people's reactions.''