Kylie Minogue relies on Skype to stay in touch with her family.

The 'All the Lovers' hitmaker - who is dating Spanish model Andres Velencoso - currently resides in London, England, and as the majority of her relatives still live in Melbourne, Australia, she uses the internet video conferencing software to speak to them.

Kylie - whose sister Dannii has moved back to Melbourne with her boyfriend Kris Smith to have their first baby - said: "Obviously, I don't get to see the family too much because they're in Australia but we Skype.

"We're a modern family - even my four-year-old nephew. I'm 'Auntie Kick' to my nephews."

The 42-year-old pop star also revealed one of her nephews - the son of her brother Brendan - is obsessed with her live show and she predicts he will follow in the footsteps of her and her singer sister when he gets older.

She added to UK show 'GMTV': "I'm 'Auntie Kick'. Little Charlie, when he wasn't even a year, came to one of my concerts and he loved it. He loves putting the DVD on. He's a performer, he's so musical, we're like, 'I know where you're headed.' "

Kylie also spoke of her desire to get on stage when she was just four years old, but was afraid she wouldn't be able to follow her dream as she got older.

She explained: "I knew where I wanted to go in the general sense, I wanted to perform, I loved music from when I was at a music class when I was four, I started acting at 11.

"But then when I was in high school it got a bit tricky because none of those were presented as careers so I thought I'd have to go and do a business class or something."