Kylie Minogue isn't against cosmetic surgery.

The 'All The Lovers' hitmaker hasn't ruled out getting some help from a surgeon in the future but admits she finds it frustrating being constantly asked about ageing.

She said: ''You can't make yourself younger. I'm always asked how I feel about being my age in this industry, and such questions perpetuate the myth that you can't be older. You are who you are. People also used to ask me how it felt to be 18 when I was starting out. I didn't know because I had nothing to compare it to. Men don't get asked these questions. They don't get told they look too young, too old, not good enough.

''But I'd be lying if I said I never think about getting older. Just today I was looking in a magnifying mirror, putting on mascara, and I said to the guy doing my make-up, I think I need to do something. I'm not pro or against [surgery]. One of my absolute idols is Jane Fonda, and the way she has handled it is admirable. I remember her saying something like, it's 80 per cent genetics, ten per cent taking care of yourself and ten per cent a good surgeon. So if, and when, the time comes I'll be taking a leaf out of Jane Fonda's book.''

And whilst she worries about her appearance, the 49-year-old singer says there is one good thing about getting older - she can make ''sense'' of things easier.

She added to the Mail on Sunday's You magazine: ''The heels come off as soon as I get home. High heels and walking down stairs - my knees make sure I know about it. They're saying, 'How much longer are we going to be doing this?' A lot of people I know are turning 50 and one thing that seems to ring true for all of us is: this is me, I feel better within myself now - I'm turning another corner of who I am. And a lot of things start to make sense. Things that you can't have known when you were younger.''