Kylie Minogue experienced ''great love and true heartbreak'' with Michael Hutchence.

The 46-year-old singer dated the late Inxs frontman from 1989 to 1991 and experienced ''so many firsts'' with him.

In a promotional clip for a forthcoming episode of '60 Minutes', which airs in Australia this weekend, tearful Kylie says: ''I had so many firsts with him. I've never met anyone like that.

''It was great love and it was true heartbreak...

''A Mixture, mixture of emotions and memories.''

Kylie - who was famously dumped by the rocker over the phone when he met supermodel Helena Christensen - previously admitted she will always have love for her former boyfriend, who committed suicide in 1997.

She said earlier this year: ''A guy with that much charisma, it doesn't just switch off, you don't just forget about that person.

''I don't know what it was like for other women in his life but my love for him remains.''

The 'Wow' singer - who battled breast cancer in 2005 - recently admitted she is still ''hopeful'' of having children.

She said: ''I'm still hopeful to have a family.

''But being an older woman I'm realistic, you have to think about it, you can't say you will or you won't because ultimately it isn't up to you.''