Kylie Minogue feels different since she turned 50.

The 'Spinning Around' hitmaker reached the landmark age last month and she has found she's become more ''content'' and decisive.

Asked if she feels different, she said: ''I do, do. It's been looming.

''Yes, I'm more content. Some things have started to make sense. I mean, you accept it or you don't. And I think the best way to accept it is with open arms.

''I say yes or no much quicker than I used to, which is probably good for everyone else as well.''

Kylie has found happiness in her new relationship with GQ magazine's creative director Paul Solomons, her first romance since splitting from fiance Joshua Sasse in February 2017 and she admitted he's made her life ''a lot'' better.

She told The Sun newspaper: ''I'm so happy to be back on terra firma in that sense.

''So yeah, life's, I won't say a little bit, I'll say a lot, better. Life's great. Take that as you wish.''

And it seems the 'Wow' singer is even having a change of heart after publicly declaring she won't ever marry.

She said: ''Like, I might, I might not. I did say, 'Maybe it's not for me.' But the other half is maybe. I don't know.

''It wasn't in that last scenario [with Joshua]. But who knows? I don't know.

''The thing I've said for years and years, even when I was probably doing press at 21 years old, is that I think I'll have a family -- I don't know if I'll ever get married, though. It's weird. I've done neither.''

But if she does tie the knot, Kylie's likely to opt for a low key affair.

Speaking about the recent wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, she said: ''I love a wedding, of course. I thought it was stunning.

''I mean, I had bunting up, I had the works. I really got into it, I loved it and thought it was beautiful. Everything was considered really well, with a great outcome.

''Also, I love a far more low-fi wedding. It's a lovely thing. If it's the right thing, it's a lovely thing.''