Singer Kylie Minogue ditched her entire entourage while shooting scenes for Holy Motors so she could go back to basics and channel her 'pre-fame' talents.
Minogue rose to stardom as an actress in Australian soap opera Neighbours, but moved into music in the late 1980s and has since carved out a place as one of the most popular disco divas in the world.
She admits it was a dream come true when she was offered the chance to return to acting for a role in French filmmaker Leos Carax's dark drama Holy Motors - but made a drastic change to her lifestyle to ensure she was perfect for the part.
Minogue tells Radar magazine, "I wanted the chance to change the way I present myself. I was able to strip everything away and become someone else. That's liberating... I entered Leos' world, on his terms. And I would turn up by myself every day, without any kind of entourage.
"That was difficult for my team as I know they would have loved to have been there for the experience and I had to say to them, 'No, sorry - no one is allowed to come'. I wanted it to feel like back when I was a kid, when I was just starting out, when I wasn't 'Kylie', with all the machinery and production and hoo-ha surrounding me. I was just a person acting."