Kylie Minogue didn't notice how attractive her boyfriend was when she met him.

The 'Timebomb' hitmaker has been dating Spanish model Andres Velencoso since 2008, and although she does think he is good looking, she was initially oblivious to it because she was in a bad mood.

She said: ''I was blind to it. I'd just spent four hours in hair and make-up and was ready to kill someone, so I wasn't really engaged with his attractiveness.

''I was not as charming as I might be! But what I did get from him the day we met was that he was really cool, just did his thing.''

However, Kylie loves spending time with Andres because he always understands exactly what she wants and needs.

She added to Glamour magazine: ''He's very chilled, which is good for me. I can spend 10 minutes trying to explain something - why do I feel this way? - and there's a minutes silence and gazing and he'll come out with one sentence, 'Well that's because of this.'

''And he's right, and he treats me exactly the same whether I'm a fully done showgirl or one eye up and one eye down, the next morning, feeling really down. He's very consistent. Aside from easy on the eye.''