Kylie Minogue believes she was ''deluded'' into thinking that her relationship with Joshua Sasse would work out.

The 49-year-old pop megastar split from her actor fiancé last year amid allegations that he was unfaithful, and she has now revealed that at first she thought their romance ''needed saving'', before realising it was time to call and end to their relationship.

She said: ''I think we all know that things were not going great in my relationship, but, you know, when you're kind of deluded and you're thinking maybe, maybe ... maybe this needs saving. Turns out, it didn't.''

Following her split, the 'I'm Spinning Around' hitmaker released her 14th studio album 'Golden' - which hit shelves earlier this month - and has said working on the record has ''been good to kind of centre'' to her.

She added: ''I've learnt a lot about songwriting ... having two weeks in Nashville, that changed so much for me.''

Kylie also admitted that her split from Joshua prompted her to try having children without a partner, but has now decided that she's happier being an aunt to her sister Dannii Minogue's seven-year-old son Ethan.

She told Vogue Australia: ''I did pursue that. That obviously wasn't the path for me, either. But, I think now I love being an aunty.

''And I mean, if I was to meet anyone - that sounds really gloomy - but if there's one person on the planet Earth who might like me and I might like them, the chances are pretty high that that person would have children anyway. So I think it's more (likely) in that vein, than having children of my own.''

Meanwhile, Kylie recently claimed she was ''very happy'' being single, following her split from Joshua.

She said: ''Literally, that's been and gone but I appreciated everyone's kind thoughts. That does seem like another life. I really just built up, regained my sense of self, I was like, 'Oh yeah this is me, this is who I am.'

''I was very happily single when I wrote them [the tracks]. Like, very happily single. The grass is always greener isn't it? You know. It isn't, we tend to think it is. Honestly, it's just not [a break-up album] - what it became about was me and my life and where I am in my life and the lessons I've learnt.''