Kylie Minogue holds great admiration for British rockers THE DARKNESS - because they share her flamboyant fashion tastes.

The sexy SLOW singer is thrilled to see a group of men dress in such over-the-top costumes for their performances, because she now feels like she's in good company.

She says, "I absolutely love them. I've had that sensibility for ages, so it was a great relief when they came out.

"I just had to do an inventory of my costumes, because I'm donating them to the MUSEUM OF PERFORMING ARTS in Australia, and some of the descriptions would be appreciated by the Darkness: 'Red leather hot-pant minirumper with lace-up corset and handdyed sheer bat wings.'

"My brother has a theory that anyone who wears capes is cool. Like the guy from the Darkness (Justin Hawkins), Superman, ELVIS, Liberace and James Brown."

19/02/2004 13:39