Pop beauty Kylie Minogue was forced to reassess her hectic career after suffering a nervous breakdown.

The 35-year-old singer - who made the revelations on Britain's RADIO 2 in an interview to be broadcast today (11NOV03) - admits she fell victim to the mental condition "years ago" and immediately sought the advice of her father - who urged her to ditch some of her heavy workload.

The SLOW chart-topper - now settled with hunky French actor OLIVIER MARTINEZ after a turbulent on/off relationship with model JAMES GOODING - has learnt to balance her private life and career in an effort to prevent the affliction returning.

She says, "I remember my dad saying to me years ago, when I had a small nervous breakdown, in Australia, 'Darling, you know you turn up to work and that's what you are employed for and that's what you do - but you don't have to say yes to everything.'

"This style of work and living has been going for years and years and years and I've always been working.

"It's part of my life and part of my nature. But now I do say 'No', and you know what? The world doesn't cave in, nothing terrible happens, I just have a little bit more time for life."

11/11/2003 09:44