Pop queen Kylie Minogue is cementing her status as a gay icon by appearing on cult TV makeover show Queer Eye For The Straight Guy.

The program, which sees five fashion-conscious gay men take a clueless straight guy and turn him into a style god, has attained a massive following in America, and is set to appear on British TV soon.

And clothing queen Kylie, who's as well known for her devotion to DOLCE AND GABBANA, pert rear and stunning figure as she is for her vocal skills, is the perfect star to give the hapless heterosexuals some help.

A show insider says, "Kylie is a huge fashion icon for gay men. She regularly performs in clubs like London's G-A-Y, and is a big fan of Queer Eye.

"The lifestyle advisors - called the Fab Five - have been keen to persuade Kylie for ages.

"They're delighted she has agreed to appear and hand out some of her own fashion and style tips."

The pop queen will get her own career boost by appearing - her recent hit single SLOW will feature on the show's soundtrack, and her album Body Language will be released in America when the show returns early next year (04).

18/12/2003 01:58