Pop beauty Kylie Minogue amazed breast cancer campaigners in Staffordshire, England, when she sent a personal email of support for their fundraising gala last night (16FEB06).

The group - Women Fighting For Herceptin - invited the SPINNING AROUND star as well as a galaxy of other stars to attend their event which called for the wonder drug to be made freely available in the UK.

Although Minogue - who is believed to have been treated with Herceptin - is undergoing radiation treatment in her native Melbourne, Australia, she still was keen to show her support.

She wrote, "I was asked to participate in this gala concert for the girls. As I am focusing on my own recovery from breast cancer I am unable to participate personally.

"But I send this message with my very best wishes for a wonderful evening.

"This is a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness and also to raise funds for all the women fighting for Herceptin."