A survey has shown British men would share a bed-in protest with Kylie Minogue, on the 40th anniversary of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's demonstration.

In a protest against the Vietnam war, Lennon and Ono spent their honeymoon in bed at the Amsterdam Hilton 40 years ago this month.

To mark the anniversary of their iconic bed-in, the Sleep Council has held a survey to find out which famous people would be at the top of British lists for an ideal protest partner.

Nearly half of British men - 43 per cent - would protest in bed with Kylie Minogue, whereas David Beckham topped the bed-in poll for the ladies.

But the survey also revealed Britons would favour a political slant to their protest, with US president Barack Obama finishing in third place overall, and other top favourites including Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill and Lennon himself.

The Sleep Council survey also found that the current issues that would most prompt people to get into bed and protest are world peace, paying less tax, British jobs for British workers, freedom of speech, animal rights and children's rights.

02/03/2009 00:01:01