Kylie Minogue fans were given a special treat at her concert in Australia on Saturday night (11NOV06) when U2 front man Bono joined her on stage for a surprise duet. The audience leaped to their feet when Bono made a surprise appearance during the second concert of Minogue's extravagant SHOWGIRL homecoming tour at the Sydney Entertainment Center. The duo sang her hit KIDS, which she originally recorded with Robbie Williams. She said, "Ladies and gentleman, we are in the company of greatness tonight. Let me hear it for Bono!" Minogue was wearing a leopard-print cat suit, while Bono wore a black suit and sunglasses. She added, "It's such an honour to have you to sing with me." Bono then jumped in and said, "You're perfect!" The pair danced around the stage and at the end of the song he got down on his knees, kissed Minogue's hand and thanked her.