Dance guru RAFAEL BONACHELA swapped avant-garde dance performances for the pop limelight when he accepted a surprise offer to choreograph Kylie Minogue's tour in 2001.

The young choreographer, then 28, was busy promoting his LINEAR REMAINS dance piece at London's Sadler's Wells, when he received an email which would change his life forever - just as the Antipodean singer appeared on his TV set.

He recalls, "I was making my home-made VHS (video) of Linear Remains to send to all the companies in the world - me and my dreams! - and thinking even if no one likes it, at least I sent it out.

"There was some hits thing on TV and Kylie Minogue was getting an award.

"Anyway, I put on my computer to check my emails and saw, 'Subject: Kylie. My name is William Baker. I saw Linear Remains at Sadler's Wells and I would like to propose to you to choreograph for Kylie.'

"I phone my friends and tell them how weird it is, and they say, 'You've got to do it, she's huge.'"

09/05/2005 13:46