Unstoppable pop babe Kylie Minogue is on the cusp of signing a record deal with EMI for an eye-watering $58 million (GBP35 million) over five years - a far cry from the paltry $1.3 million (GBP800,000) contract she currently has.

The LOCOMOTION singer's lawyers and manager TERRY BLAMEY have been working hard to improve her record deal since her career spiralled sky high with the success of single SPINNING AROUND in 2001.

An EMI insider confides, "Kylie's camp has been working on three separate aspects of her contract - record sales, DVD and video sales and merchandising.

"Her merchandising alone is phenomenal and they're trying to sort it so every penny goes to her. Kylie was the only artist to have three calendars out this year and got the majority of proceeds from them."

If this deal goes ahead it will make the tiny dancer the second highest-paid recording artist after Robbie Williams.

01/06/2003 14:40