Kylie Jenner wants to run away and live on a farm.

The 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star may have lived the majority of her life in the public eye, but she can't wait to get to a point in her career where she can escape to the country and spend her days riding horses through acres of land.

Speaking in a new interview with V magazine, which will hit shelves on August 31, the 20-year-old beauty said: ''I just want a lot of property. That seems like the best life ever: horses and a farm and a garden. I don't know about Bahrain, but I would be down for something. It would be a good feeling to just live a normal life for a second.''

But, although she's desperate to escape the limelight for a while, the brunette babe enjoys having someone follow her around with a camera all day every day - even though the footage never makes it onto her family's E! reality TV show.

She explained: ''I do have a guy that follows me all the time [with a camera]. I just never show anyone the footage. Maybe one day [she will release it to the public].''

However, Kylie - who's grown up with her half-sisters Kim Kardashian West, Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian splashed across the front of newspapers and magazines - sometimes has to remind herself to stay grounded and that's why she decided to get the word 'Sanity' etched into her flesh with red ink when she was an 18 year old.

She said: ''There was a time when I got [that tattoo] that I felt a little bit like I was going insane. Or, I was going to. I thought about it for a while. I just like the word 'Sanity' - just stay sane through it all. A lot of young stars who grow up in the spotlight have a really hard time. I didn't want that to be me. I needed it at the time.''