Kylie Jenner is set to receive a huge delivery of plant-based milk.

The 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star recently revealed that she's only just tried milk with her Cinnamon Toast Crunch because the thought of having a ''soggy'' breakfast made her stomach churn but, after trying it with the dairy product this week, she's been converted and now Almond Breeze are planning to send her a huge supply of non-dairy milk - made from roasted nuts - to try.

A spokesperson for the company told TMZ that they've been meaning to reach out to the 21-year-old businesswoman for a while but they're even more determined now that she's hit the headlines over her dry cereal confession.

Kylie baffled her fans earlier this week when she admitted online that she's only just tried milk with cereal after her best friend Jordyn Woods encouraged her.

She tweeted: ''Last night i had cereal with milk for the first time. life changing. i always liked cereal dry i never bothered to put milk (sic)''

Taking to her Snapchat account hours later, she explained: ''So I think people were a little confused when I tweeted that last night was the first time that I ever tried milk with my cereal. That is a fact. Everyone has their personal preference, I never preferred soggy cereal. I just really enjoyed my dry, crunchy cereal, and I know there are other people out there that agreed with me.

''So I think just as a young child, always eating dry cereal and never wanting to sog up my cereal, I've just got used to it where I never wanted to do it until last night until Jordyn [Woods, her best friend] said I want some cereal and milk and I was like: 'You know, tonight's the night and I'm going to try it.' ''

However, the brunette beauty still isn't completely sold on the idea.

She explained: ''I still prefer dry cereal but it was pretty fire and nothing was ever the same. I don't like to put too much though, I definitely like cereal with a side of milk. I'm really not being dramatic, it's not hitting the spot crazy.''