Kylie Jenner has teased she will be releasing two beauty lines for Kylie Cosmetics Holiday collection.

The 20-year-old entrepreneur - who launched her beauty empire last year - has recently hinted she is working on a festive make-up range, but the star has since revealed she will be dropping two lines, one this week and the second ''a little later, like next month''.

Speaking in a string of videos shared on her Snapchat account, the brunette beauty said: ''I am revealing my Holiday Collection tomorrow and I just can't wait.

''I can't wait. I might have to sneak peek something right now, but I don't know. Well I'll tell you guys this. There's sort of two collections so that all I'm going to say.

''I have two collections, one I'm revealing tomorrow and one a little later, like next month.''

The 'Life of Kylie' star continued to reveal the details of the upcoming project, as she revealed the first release will be a ''traditional collection'', but the following capsule is a ''bunch of new products'' and something she has ''never'' done with her eponymous brand before.

She continued: ''What I'm revealing is like kind of my traditional collections and then the next drop two will be a bunch of new products so I cannot wait that Kylie Cosmetic has never done before. I am actually wearing it right now.''

And the television personality is set for a busy few weeks ahead as she has collaborated with Topshop and will be bringing a Kylie Cosmetics pop up shop to seven stores across America for one month only.

In the clip she said: ''My pop ups open next Monday at a bunch of Topshops round the US, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, I might be forgetting one.

''They are all open November 20 to December 20 so go check them out. I am so excited about them.''