Kylie Jenner's birthday make-up collection sold out in five minutes.

The 18-year-old beauty mogul - who launched a limited edition Kylie Cosmetics make-up collection to mark her 19th birthday on Monday (01.08.16) - has revealed the recent addition to her line sold out in under 10 minutes.

The brunette beauty shared the news on her Snapchat as she counted down to the live unveil on her e-store. She said: '' Oh my god we just 150,000 thousand people on my site with one minute to go.

''180,000 people on the site

''Oh my god 200,000 people and we haven't been up for one minute.

''300,000 people are on my site right now. In five minutes and 300,000 people are on my site.''

And the brunette beauty took a still shot of just a black screen, with the caption: ''Wow thank u guys ... everything else is sold out (sic).''

The teen entrepreneur's new release included two cream eye shadows infused with gold, dark bronze coloured eyeliner and gel liner called Kyliner, mini matte lip kits featuring her popular glosses Dolce, Exposed, Candy, KoKo, Kristen, and her new maroon limited edition shade Leo, as well as new lip gloss Poppin'.

And the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star - who turns 19 on August 10 - has revealed the launch of the new products saw her website attract the largest amount of customers ''ever''.

She said: ''I think this is the most we have ever had. This is crazy.

''I want to cry!! Thank u guys so much!!''

However, the television personality has admitted she will be restocking her company over the next 10 days.

She said: ''We have a good amount of quantity so don't get upset if we sell out, I will be restocking within the next 10 days.''