Kylie Jenner has unveiled the names and colours of the four new lip kits she will release this week.

The 19-year-old 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star has previously revealed she will launch ''four new fall lip kits'' this month, which will include a burnt orange shade called Pumpkin, and a burgundy colour called Spice, and Kylie has unveiled Trick, a dark green hue and a nude shade Moon will hit her ever growing e-store Kylie Cosmetics on Wednesday (12.10.16).

The beauty mogul - who has been working on her beauty brand for over two years - shared the news of the latest lip liner and lipstick duos on social media over the weekend.

Alongside a picture of all four products, which was posed to her companies Instagram account, she wrote: ''Say hello to the 4 new fall lip kits launching next week October 12th @ 3pm pst.

''Which one is your favourite? #Trick #Moon #Pumpkin #Spice (sic).''

Kylie previously announced the news she was working to expand her beauty range to suit the Autumn/Winter season on her website, although she had previously teased her ''other two'' would be unveiled nearer the time of the launch date.

Speaking previously, she said: ''I've been teasing my four new fall Lip Kit shades, and in my latest live stream I dropped some details about one of them ... Pumpkin!

''Pumpkin, along with Spice and my other two fall Lip Kit shades (I'll tell you guys more about those soon), will be released on Wednesday, October 12, at Kylie Cosmetics!''

And the teen entrepreneur has admitted the forthcoming beauty product Pumpkin is ''perfect'' for the Autumn/Winter season, and she has even advised people to wear the product ''every day''.

She added: ''In case you missed it, Pumpkin is a burnt orange that is perfect for fall. I love it so much I could seriously wear it every day.''