Kylie Jenner is getting her own wax model.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star took to Snapchat on Wednesday (01.02.17) to share a string of photos and videos of herself being measured for the wax figure.

Wearing a grey crop top, yoga pants and heels, Kylie stood in front of a white background as she tried to find the perfect pose for her wax model.

In one video, she told the camera: ''Hey guys, we're here doing the first measurements; I'm getting my very own wax figure. It takes like six months.''

In another behind-the-scene picture, Kylie gave fans an insight into how the perfect skin tone is created whilst the 19-year-old model and television personality also photographed a box of different shaped eyes and her hand being cast in green goo.

And it is likely that Kylie's wax figure will have a bold lip liner as the brunette beauty previously admitted to having an ''overlining'' obsession, which she says only increased after she had lip fillers.

She said: ''Long before I got my lips done, I was really obsessed with lipstick. I was always trying to make my lips look bigger, but I didn't want people to know I was actually wearing lipstick. I started overlining my lips to see if I liked the look of them bigger. When I got my lips done, I got even more obsessed.

''At the time, my favourite colour was M.A.C Whirl. I was really into it, but once everyone figured out what I was wearing, it would sell out. And that's how the Kylie Lip Kit came about.''

Kylie now has her own cosmetics business, which has gone from strength to strength but she never could have expected it to be as successful as it is.

She said: ''I never imagined it would become what it has! In the beginning, I didn't care because I was doing it for me, but it's amazing how successful it is now.''