The lip kit mogul is getting blasted with hate after revealing the names of her five matte blushes. Ranging in colors from fuchsia to pale pink, the new line of products, which goes on sale this Friday (March 24, 2017), features cheeky and titillating monikers like “X-Rated” and “Hot and Bothered.

The five matte blushes which span the colour spectrum from light pink to fuchsia are named Hopeless Romantic, Hot and Bothered, Virginity, X-Rated and Barely Legal. Fans were quick to jump on social media on Thursday (23Mar17) to express their displeasure, given that Kylie herself is only 19 and many of her customers are tweens and younger teenagers.

"can Kylie Jenner not sexualize young women w her blush names like "virginity" and "barely legal" like ........" fumed a Twitter user named edamami, while #TheЯealSlayShady complained: "Kylie Cosmetics is trash. Imagine sexualising young girls by using the terms 'barely legal' and 'virginity' as blush names? f**k outta here."

Liz Buckley asked, "how could you call a makeup product 'barely legal' kylie jenner should be f**king ashamed of herself," while Girl About Toon raged, "Seriously @KylieJenner, choose better names for your products. You have 12+ year old fans! "Barely Legal" "Virginity"."

Not all the comments were negative. @glopetal shared, "I rly (really) dislike Kylie but I love her new blush names." And embob brought some humour to social media with her comment, "Kylie's releasing a blush called barely legal, hun (honey) the only thing barely legal is the price."

Other observers referenced the fact that Kylie allegedly began her relationship with 27-year-old Tyga when she was below the age of sexual consent in California which is 18. supergirl (sic) commented: "wow I can't believe Kylie named a blush after her relationship with Tyga."

It's not the first time a celebrity makeup line has created the wrong kind of attention for its product names. Celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D named one of her lipsticks Underage Red in 2015. She tried to explain away the title as her effort at “feminine rebellion.”