Kylie Jenner was ''anxious'' about leaving her daughter while she was at the Met Gala earlier this week.

The 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star decided to use the annual fundraising event, held in New York on May 7, to make her red carpet return following the birth of her little girl Stormi three months ago, but she really struggled to let her hair down properly as she just wanted to get back to her baby.

Speaking to, Kylie's mother Kris Jenner - who also attended the event - said: ''That child never stops. She got right back in the saddle. And I love that about her. She's really so impressive. And she's such a good mom. She's so dedicated to her baby.

''We were at the Met Ball and all she could focus on when we were done was getting home. She's like, 'Come on we've got to go see Stormi!' It was really sweet to see her anxious to get home to Stormi.''

And, although she's still trying to find her feet when it comes to motherhood, the 20-year-old beauty was determined to throw her family a spectacular dinner over Easter last month.

Kris explained: ''At Easter, Kylie had a newborn and that's a major time when you have a first baby and you're that young and you're trying to figure it all out.

''And she hosted the family's Easter which is not an easy task! She had this elaborate gorgeous party that she wanted to do for all of us just out of love because she wanted to make sure that we had this amazing morning after church. She's always doing things like that.''

Kris - who became a mother for the first time at the age of 22 when she gave birth to her daughter Kourtney - can see herself in Kylie because she's so dedicated to her baby and her business.

The 62-year-old momager said: ''I do see myself in Kylie. She hasn't stopped! And she does remind me of me in that way. I'm so proud of her. I just beam when I watch her.''

Kylie gave birth to her daughter Stormi, whom she has with her boyfriend Travis Scott, on February 1 and had already thrown herself back into her Kylie Cosmetics business two weeks after the delivery.