Kendall and Kylie Jenner, the younger half-sisters of the life-affirming Kardashian clan are looking at having their own spinoff from Keeping Up With the Kardashians see the light of day, taking their entire family's everyday activities into the next generation.
This comes as great news for fans of the goings-on of the elder statesmen of the Kardashian clan, who have their own families and relationships to think about now, as it means that the Kardashian action can continue ever more.
The two featured on the cover of this month's Seventeen magazine, the back to school edition featured a candid interview with the two budding reality stars. In the interview the pair gave us insight into just what the fascinating show would offer, saying it would simply centre around: "the adventures that we go on".
Kylie also spoke of the rumoured relationship she is said to be in with Australian singer Cody Simpson, denying vehemently and insisting that the two are just good friends.
The two have also being working on their first science fiction novel together too, proving that there's more to them than appearing on camera doing nothing. The two first revealed their plans to E! last week, saying that they hope to tap into the same teen audience as The Hunger Games and Harry Potter has done in the past.