Kurt Russell has special memories of the historic sporting moment his new movie MIRACLE recreates, because his first son was fighting for his life at the time.

Russell plays fabled coach HERB BROOKS in the new film, which follows the fortunes of America's 1980 Olympic ice hockey team, who beat the unbeatable Russians to claim the gold medal.

And though Russell, like many Americans, remember the so-called 'Miracle on Ice' as a great patriotic moment, he has a very personal reason to remember the historic Olympic final.

He explains, "When my first son Boston was born he was in intensive care at the time having a rough time, so I was very focused on that with my wife.

"He was fighting for his life and I wasn't paying much attention to the Olympics until the Russian game and he was doing much better. I had the opportunity to watch the whole game.

"It was a great experience for me on that level - to have three hours out of this rough time."

09/02/2004 03:12