Veteran tough guy Kurt Russell is determined to put a smile on the face of longtime partner Goldie Hawn this Valentine's Day (14FEB04) - when he whisks her away to Hawaii to celebrate their 21st anniversary.

The romantic Dark Blue actor fell in love with Hawn on 14 February 1983 when the pair were shooting wartime drama SWING SHIFT.

Russell says, "It's a pretty good hunk of time, but it's gone by fast. We just enjoy being together."

And GAVIN O'CONNOR - director of the 52-year-old's latest movie MIRACLE - reveals the couple are still all over each other.

He says, "Kurt is very loyal, and it's amazing how much he and Goldie are so madly in love.

"I've been in the house with them, and they just dig each other and it's so great to watch. They're really good friends and are so hot for each other."

04/02/2004 00:04