Actor Kurt Russell will never wed longtime girlfriend Goldie Hawn but he insists he'll never leave her either.

The movie stars have been together for 20 years, but Russell insists they've spent no longer than two hours in all that time discussing marriage.

But, despite their often fiery romance, he can't imagine life without Goldie.

He says, "We have massive arguments and disagreements about all the normal things, but Goldie still grows on me.

"She'll do something and I'll think, 'God, man, she is so special. She is unique. She is a life force that is great to be around."

Russell cemented their relationship by buying the love of his life a huge ring last Christmas (02), but he's keen to make it clear that it wasn't an engagement ring.

He adds, "It was a ring so big that we dubbed it the photon blaster."

01/10/2003 01:52