Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn knew Pink was going to be a big star two years before the Trouble singer made the big time - because she told them so. The movie stars granted a spunky teenager an audience and later discovered she had become the superstar she promised them she'd become. Russell recalled the encounter on Ellen DeGeneres' chat show yesterday (11Apr07), where he was a guest with Pink. He said, "We were somewhere... and they said, 'There's a girl here that wants to say hi to you guys,' and we went over and said hi. "She introduced herself and she was a very confident kinda girl and she said, 'I'm gonna be a big star... My name's Pink, remember that.' "About two years later Goldie and I were watching TV and, 'Hey, that's that girl Pink.' Pink's done pretty great, she did what she said she was gonna do. Congratulations to her." Later in the show, Pink recalled meeting Russell and Hawn, stating, "I can't believe that he remembered that, but I did have really pink hair... We were in a New York City hotel bar. "They talked to us for like an hour. They were the coolest people in the entire world... I was 18 years old."