Movie star Kurt Russell wants his first grandchild to call him 'MR PRESIDENT' because he hates the thought of being "granddad."

The 59-year-old action man became a grandfather earlier this month (JAN04) when his partner Goldie Hawn's fellow actress daughter Kate Hudson gave birth to tiny RYDER RUSSELL.

And, though he's thrilled to be namechecked by the actress and her husband Chris Robinson, he doesn't want the tot calling him granddad.

He says, "The kids were talking about what the grandchildren are going to call us and I said, 'I hate that.' I always called my grandfather and grandmother by their names.

"And then Goldie said, 'I don't mind being called grandma,' and OLIVER (HUDSON, Goldie's son) said, 'You are not going to be grandma, you are going to be glam-ma.'

"I said, 'That's it. That's really good. If you can have your grandkids call you anything, I know what I want the grandkids to call me. I am going to have them call me, 'Mr President.'"

Russell says the new baby looks like both his mother and father, "He looks a lot like Chris and Kate. He looks like Chris from the nose down and Kate from the nose up. Then I saw Chris' brother RICH, and he has a lot of Rich to him."

20/01/2004 13:48