The Pulp Fiction moviemaker employs strict rules when he is shooting his films, and the cast and crew are not allowed to bring in electronic devices or sleep during breaks, otherwise Quentin will catch them out by snapping an embarrassing photograph.

Kurt, who previously worked with Quentin on 2007 movie Death Proof, admits struggled with the no-sleeping rule .

"One (rule) is, 'No devices that you can switch on and off,' and the another is tougher because I like to sleep on set and he won't allow it," Kurt tells U.K. TV host Graham Norton. "If you are caught, your photo is taken with Big Jerry, a very large purple dildo, next to your face and the photo is displayed on the wall. And, as you get older you like to take more and more naps!"

Kurt also had to grow a large beard for the role, and he admits his partner Goldie Hawn was not a fan of his new look.

"It was a moustache wearing a man. It took me four months to grow. Goldie didn't think much of it," he adds.

During the interview, the veteran actor also talked about auditioning for the original Star Wars movies.

"Guys my age were all lining up to be in it," he says. "I read for both Hans Solo and Luke Skywalker. At the time we were saying, 'the Millennium Falcon this' and 'the Death Star that' and we had no idea what we were talking about. There was a Western show I had been chosen for and I had to make a choice, so I asked George Lucas if he thought he would use me but he said he didn't know so I went for the Western - I had to work."