Kurt Russell still has nightmares about the day he was beaten up by actresses Rosario Dawson and ZOE BELL on the set of new movie DEATH PROOF, admitting he took 300 punches to the body. The tough guy actor insisted on realism for the film's pivotal fight scene - and the girls really gave him a pounding. He explains, "I've never been whipped up like that. I've never been thrashed and beaten. That wasn't a fight scene, it was a beating scene. I'm really taking a beating. "It's really hard to do a fight scene because the one who sells the punch is the one who's taking it. I must've taken somewhere in the neighbourhood of 300 punches that day. "I knew I was gonna have whiplash for a week and I did. It was really hard because you really have to take it (the punch) to have fun and let the audience get there (with you)."