Police are re-examining evidence in Kurt Cobain's death.

The 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' rocker is believed to have taken his own life by shooting himself with a shotgun at home in Washington, US, in April 1994, but investigators are taking another look after new photos of the scene have emerged.

Two new pictures have been released; one showing a cigar box on the floor near the singer's body, as well as cash, a woolly hat and an open wallet displaying his ID and another showing the inside of the box, which contains drug paraphernalia.

The Seattle police force say they found four undeveloped rolls of film from the scene in a police photo lab, which give a clearer picture than exiting Polaroids.

However, they have made clear they are not reopening the investigation into Kurt's death.

The Nirvana frontman was found by electrician Gary Smith on April 8, 1994, after he went to the star's Lake Washington property to do some work. The death shocked the rock world and left grunge fans distraught.

Kurt is survived by a daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, how 21, and his wife, Courtney Love, 49.

Although Kurt left a suicide note, many conspiracy theories about his death have since arisen, with some suggesting he was murdered, an idea explored by filmmaker Nick Broomfield in his 1998 documentary 'Kurt and Courtney'.