The first of many tributes to late NIRVANA star Kurt Cobain, who died in April 1994, is wowing art lovers in New York's trendy Chelsea district.

Installation artist SLATER BRADLEY filmed Cobain look-a-like BENJAMIN BROCK performing in the tragic rocker's familiar grey cardigan and Sonic Youth T-shirt to create a grainy, distorted video, which appears to be from a lost live concert.

Closer inspection of the eerie video, called STONED + DETHRONED, reveals there's no audience and no Nirvana.

Bradley has dedicated the film - which is on view to the public at the TEAM GALLERY - in small, fading text, "To Kurt."

The performance artist admits he's a huge fan of the tragic Cobain, and this is his own fitting memorial.

He says, "In my junior year in high school, Nirvana exploded. Kurt was our idol. I had lived such a sheltered life and I didn't even know how to dress myself outside of wearing a uniform. He was what I wanted to be. He taught me how to live."

This isn't the first time Bradley and Brock have brought a dead rock star back to life - they created another film 'featuring' the late Ian Curtis of JOY DIVISION.

08/03/2004 10:06