The life story of tragic rocker Kurt Cobain has been turned into a new comic book - to help fans of his legendary band Nirvana "move on".

The new graphic novel - GODSPEED: THE KURT COBAIN GRAPHIC - mixes fact and fiction to tell Cobain's lifestory from childhood through to the unexpected worldwide success of his grunge rock group, his marriage to fellow singer Courtney Love, and his suicide in 1994.

But the people responsible hope the book will draw a line under the star's legacy, and help his many devoted fans deal with his death.

Writer BARNABY LEGG says, "Hopefully we have struck the right balance between reverence for the legacy of Kurt's music and the meaning it still holds for his millions of fans today and irreverence towards a lot of the bullshit that's been attached to the Nirvana brand."

Legg's co-writer JIM McCARTHY adds, "The fans should learn, absorb and move on. Be the hero, musical or otherwise, that Kurt attempted to be."

12/11/2003 17:36