A film loosely based on the final days of singer Kurt Cobain's life was inspired by macaroni cheese.

At the Cannes Film Festival premiere of Gus Van Sant's rock 'n' roll drama LAST DAYS, the director admitted he veered away from working on a straightforward biopic after hearing about Cobain's passion for the tasty pasta dish.

He said, "I was listening to people talking about the fact that Cobain liked macaroni cheese, and that detail made more sense than him fighting about the design for an album cover with his record company."

Last Days follows a blonde-haired musician called Blake, played by MICHAEL PITT, as he hides from managers, friends and record company executives leading up to his suicide - mimicking the tragic build-up to Cobain's self-inflicted death in 1994.

15/05/2005 09:42