The Cobain Case

The Cobain Case - DVD

The Cobain Case - DVD
Rottin' Rolling Films and Paramount Home Entertainment presents

“The Cobain Case”

~ The controversial documentary about the death of a rock icon is coming to DVD on 20th June 2005 ~

Best-selling author and winner of the Rolling Stone Magazine Award for investigative journalism, Ian Halperin re-opens the case about Nirvana front man, Kurt Cobain. This detailed documentary contains over two and half hours of bonus footage and interviews that delve into controversy surrounding the suicide of the iconic rock legend.

Contactmusic spoke to the award winning * investigative journalist Ian Halperin who’s re-opened the controversial case surrounding the death of Kurt Cobain CIan Halperin - Interview

This two-disc special edition leaves no stone unturned in the quest to discover the truth about the singer’s apparent suicide. Following the death of Cobain in April 1994, Halperin began an investigation into previously unreleased police reports, speaking to private investigator Tom Grant, and lawyers closest to the case. The resulting documentary scratches the surface of intrigue and offers an exhaustive and comprehensive alternative to the official verdict of suicide, pronounced by the Los Angeles police.

The extra features showcase some of the most interesting aspects of the documentary including unheard audio recordings of Cobain and his wife Courtney Love as well as interviews with Kurt’s friends and grandfather. The secret diaries of teenage copycat suicides are also included as are the opinions of forensic experts, commenting on the likelihood that Cobain was murdered; Halperin’s documentary truly makes a fascinating viewing experience.

The cobain case: life & death of a rock icon is available to buy from 20th June 2005 from Rottin' Rolling Films and Paramount Home Entertainment on DVD (RRP 19.99). Exempt from certification.



FORMAT 2 disc DVD boxset

RELEASE DATE 20th June 2005

RRP DVD (RRP 19.99)

RUNNING TIME 64 minutes approx.


SPECIAL FEATURES Over two and half hours of material, including: Exclusive conversations with Courtney Love

Conversations with Tom Grant – licensed private investigator

Interviews with Kurt Cobain

Interviews with Kurt’s grandfather, Leyland Cobain

Forensic experts comments on the likelihood that Cobain was murdered

Interviews with Cobain’s friends

Secret diaries of teenagers who committed copycat suicides shortly after Kurt Cobain died