Manchester Academy 2
Live Review


The opening double whammy of calm reflection served up on a decorative platter of keyboard inclusive musical journeying through 'I Don't Mind' and the sizzling heart on sleeve, emotive sojourn of new single 'Remain', clearly align Kubb's status as being marooned betwixt David Gray and Level 42. Sometimes, the worrisome cries of singer Harry Collier pitched perfectly in 'Somebody Else', were like a doggie paddle towards the first artist referred to. However, on the other hand, the more open and adventurous accompaniments concealed within 'Burn Again' and the disco tainted, forthcoming B-side 'Connection', represents a striking front crawl in the direction of Level 42 territory.

Kubb's stage presence is humble and grateful, as Collier is clearly unperturbed by the spaces in front of him. The half-full venue add to the life of the gig when the A material is unleashed, including the Damian Rice-esque slow burner of 'Grow', instigating a graceful sing-along and the biting, keyboard swerving 'Wicked Soul', sees hips swaying gently. Tonight, Kubb showed enough diversity and craftsmanship to keep the flame of interest burning.


David Adair

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