Scots singer/songwriter KT Tunstall has defended her decision to hire her boyfriend for her band, insisting he was chosen for the role because "he's a phenomenal drummer".

The SUDDENLY I SEE star, 30, and Luke Bullen have worked to achieve a balance of work and love, and she admits it's easy for them to work together, despite their relationship.

Tunstall says, "We played together for a year before we got together so we have a strong work ethic. When we're on tour with the band we're not really a couple - we don't share a bed or neck in the corner. But every three or four days we stay in a hotel and share a room.

"It's really good. We give each other secret winks across the catering table. It has been cathartic to have some time for the two of us.

"We rarely fall out. Because we work together, we know that if we have a problem we have to work it out. Luke's such a supportive partner. He's not in my band because he's my boyfriend. He's here because he's a phenomenal drummer."